Monday, June 10, 2013

Dell XPS 13'' - The unboxing

I've always wanted to do a product unboxing.....but I wont. Besides it not been very fun, this is not a new laptop.
I will be using a loan laptop for the next few weeks. Normally, you'd expect that a loan laptop is an old piece o crap thats been used by a few former employees, and is slow and heavy. Not this one. I got a 1 month old Dell XPS 13 inch Ultrabook

I dont think you can see how thin it is. Its very thin and very light, all in an aluminum shell. Its so thin, it does not have an Ethernet or Serial port. Those are available via a USB dongle.
With a Core i7 and SSD, its very fast as well. This one has Windows 7 (Windows 8 is an option). I installed Ubuntu 13.04 via Virtualbox, with some decent performance.

All in all, a very fast, small and light laptop. After a few days, the 13 inch screen does not even feel that small.

I think I'm ready for a Macbook 15" now.
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